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Parthenon of Athens

The temple of Athena Parthenos on the Acropolis of Athens


1 hour




About the Tour

No less towering than graceful, bearing the tint of antiqueness at its outset, and of perpetual newness in the course of time, according to Plutarch, the temple of Athena Parthenos on the Acropolis of Athens has always attracted owe and admiration. Pericles, the leading statesman in the golden age of democracy, built a temple fit for a grandiose goddess and its city, of unprecedented originality, refinement, and monumentality, in less than 15 years. Embellished with sculptures like no other temple before or after, the Parthenon projected the Athenian image of itself as the “School of Greece”, on the front line of mastering nature and creating culture, while also safeguarding and defending it against all foreign enemies.


This tour has been designed for virtual presentation. This is a group that accommodates up to 20 participants at a time. Once you book this experience, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to join the session. You can access the tour via the link provided


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Your Instructor

Dr. Anthi Dipla

Dr. Anthi Dipla

Anthi is a Classical archaeologist/art historian who has graduated from Oxford University (MA, PhD). She has participated in excavations, scientific projects and conferences in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. Her research has been focused on Greek vase painting, iconography, and mythology, with further interests in women studies, social history, ancient Greek theatre, and cultural exchange in the ancient Mediterranean world, and has been published extensively in international peer-reviewed periodicals and books.

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