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Greek Mythology 1:
The Twelve Gods of Olympus


1 Hour



/ group (max 60 persons)

About the Tour

Once upon a -very old- time, the Greeks pictured gods and demons guarding and ruling every corner of their world, not only the one they saw, but also the one they imagined deep in the sea, in the sky above, and in the underworld.

Among all these gods stood out the celebrated Twelve, six gods and six goddesses, who lived on Mount Olympus. Probably never again have mortals felt closer to their gods than in those years in Greece! Gods cared about human affairs and got involved in them all the time. In fact, the Greeks imagined their gods a lot like themselves, they believed that they looked and acted very human, although they were wiser, more powerful, more beautiful. And old age and death never touched them. But they also had human flaws and weaknesses. They got angry, jealous, vindictive, they got hurt and felt pain! None of the Twelve Gods had all the power, so they divided the world among themselves and ruled their share each, supervising and protecting different aspects of human lives’.

Let's get acquainted with the Twelve Olympian Gods, one by one, learning about their symbols and their favorite animals and plants, giving shape to their faces and activities in our imagination through the descriptions of ancient writers, and comparing them with their representation in statues and paintings of the time that have survived to this day. Retelling their numerous stories in a whole new way, in the language of art!


Educational activities, such as games, quizzes, role-playing, and mini contests among student groups or classes, with little surprise prizes from us, will give children the opportunity for active participation and creative reflection on what they have seen and heard, completing this colorful, both literally and figuratively, experience!

How it Works

This tour is designed for a virtual presentation, hosting a group of up to 60 participants at a time. Once you book for this experience, we will send you a confirmation email with an exclusive link to join the tour. You can access the tour only through the link we provide. 

Your Instructor

Dr. Anthi Dipla

Dr. Anthi Dipla

Classical archaeologist/art historian who has graduated from Oxford University (MA, PhD). She has participated in excavations, scientific projects and conferences in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. Her research has been focused on Greek vase painting, iconography, and mythology, with further interests in women studies, social history, ancient Greek theatre, and cultural exchange in the ancient Mediterranean world.

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