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Greek Mythology 2:
War of Gods and Giants


1 Hour



/ group (max 60 persons)

About the Tour

Seeking revenge from the Olympian gods for having imprisoned her fist-born sons, the Titans in the deep abyss of Tartarus, Mother Earth gave birth to a fierce tribe of monsters, the Giants, and sent them to overthrow the rule of the Twelve Gods! Ferocious, huge, and tremendously strong, with twin dragon tails instead of legs, wild-looking faces, long, messy hair and beards entangled with snakes, the Giants set out to fight the Olympians, storming them with flaming trees, rocks, or entire mountain peaks, changing the course or rivers, moving mountains, making the earth shake and the sea boil, here opening a deep crack, there sinking an island!

🔴 Through what tricks and battles did the Olympian Gods finally manage to crush the Giants?
🔴 Who acted as generals and lieutenant generals on both sides and who fought as hoplites, infantry warriors?
🔴 Who fought a duel against whom?
🔴 What sort of key role was assigned to Hercules?
🔴 What was left of the Giants in the end?
🔴 Which supergiant caused Zeus to undergo his own passion, death, and resurrection, just like Christ?
🔴 What gave rise to the creation of this mythical war and what did it end up symbolizing through the ages?

Join us in unfolding this fascinating war of gods and monsters vividly in our imagination, guided by the numerous stories of ancient writers! And unravelling before our eyes, how it was narrated, battle by battle and duel by duel, in the language of art!


Educational activities, such as games, quizzes, role-playing, and mini contests among student groups or classes, with little surprise prizes from us, will give children the opportunity for active participation and creative reflection on what they have seen and heard, completing this colorful, both literally and figuratively, experience!

How it Works

This tour is designed for a virtual presentation, hosting a group of up to 60 participants at a time. Once you book for this experience, we will send you a confirmation email with an exclusive link to join the tour. You can access the tour only through the link we provide. 

Your Instructor

Dr. Anthi Dipla

Dr. Anthi Dipla

Classical archaeologist/art historian who has graduated from Oxford University (MA, PhD). She has participated in excavations, scientific projects and conferences in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. Her research has been focused on Greek vase painting, iconography, and mythology, with further interests in women studies, social history, ancient Greek theatre, and cultural exchange in the ancient Mediterranean world.

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