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Anthi Dipla

Anthi Dipla

How it works

You select any destination you dream of visiting in Greece, such as a specific archaeological site, monument, museum, or other.

You define the time and duration of your choice.

You contact us to discuss your choices.

We send our local expert to the selected destination and via live streaming you navigate the site through the view point and the mobile camera of your guide while listening to their story. You may directly interact with them.

We may be able to accommodate the suggested time and duration, provided that they comply with the opening hours of the site, museum etc.

We consider your preferences and we discuss together whether they can be materialized, else we think about alternative solutions you may also like.

Your Instructor

Classical archaeologist/art historian who has graduated from Oxford University (MA, PhD). She has participated in excavations, scientific projects and conferences in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. Her research has been focused on Greek vase painting, iconography, and mythology, with further interests in women studies, social history, ancient Greek theatre, and cultural exchange in the ancient Mediterranean world.

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